Charging stations at most Van Wellen Group sites

In the coming years, the decisions of the Flemish and federal governments will bring about a major shift to electric vehicles. 

From the end of 2021, Van Wellen Group will roll out a large network of charging stations at the various sites. In this way, we are preparing ourselves for the future.


Depending on the specific demand of the site, we adjust our numbers. We make sure that everyone can come and charge, not forgetting our tenants, who can charge at a favourable price.

Through the dynamic load balancing system, we ensure that every car is charged on time without any loss of electricity on the site. 

The charging stations are supplied by our own solar energy and green energy from the grid. Through our dynamic load balancing system, we can control supply so that we make maximum use of our own locally generated green energy.

2021_11_16_09_13_35_Co-funded by the European Union