Sustainability policy

Van Wellen Group is not only a supporter of the (pro) active sustainability policy in words, but is consistently realizing this vision at all its locations.

Energy-saving measures


Van Wellen Group has been a long-term supporter of the (pro) active sustainability policy of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges and MLSO for years.

This vision fits in seamlessly with our own business strategy and belief in sustainable economic growth for our port, according to CEO Louis Van Wellen.

An important aspect of the sustainability policy and of the United Nations Sustainable Goals is green energy.

Because the most environmentally friendly kilowatt is still the unused kilowatt, the focus at Van Wellen Group is very much on energy-saving measures such as LED lighting, insulation, reuse of rainwater, installing rainwater buffer basins or infiltration basins ...

“For energy consumption, Van Wellen Group has radically opted for green energy, despite the ever-diminishing support, and where possible for its own generation via solar panels.

This is a substantial investment that is entirely inspired by a sustainability strategy. ”

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Van Wellen Group recently renewed its agreement for all branches with Luminus. It was again stated that ALL energy supplied to Van Wellen Group and its partners must be completely green energy. On average, the annual consumption is about 1 850 MWh. 

In addition, Van Wellen Group installed approximately 12 636.72 kWp of solar panels on its own initiative, for direct delivery to its logistics and operational partners with an average annual production of 10 442.86 MWh. A reduction of +/- 2 966t CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of 76 060 trees or 1 600 households.

Furthermore, a zone was provided for the construction of a windmill for the site at Noorderlaan, together with VLEEMO and the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Van Wellen Group also offered its other sites to VLEEMO and Wind @ De Stroom for research into the potential for setting up additional wind turbines.


Van Wellen Group installs charging stations at the various sites

In the coming years, the decisions of the Flemish and federal governments will bring about a major shift to electric vehicles. 

From the end of 2021, Van Wellen Group will roll out a large network of charging stations at the various sites. In this way, we are preparing ourselves for the future.

Depending on the specific demand of the site, we will adjust our numbers. We ensure that everyone can come and charge, without forgetting our tenants; they can charge at an advantageous price. Thanks to the dynamic load balancing system, we ensure that every car is charged on time without any loss of electricity on the site. 

The charging stations are supplied by our own solar energy and green energy from the grid. Through our dynamic load balancing system, we can control supply so that we make maximum use of our own locally generated green energy.

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