About Van Wellen Group

Based on decades of experience in providing logistics and residential developments, the Van Wellen Group created a logistics port cluster on the one hand with a very extensive range of activities and partnerships and, on the other hand, unique housing concepts.

Invest, develop and manage

For three generations, the Van Wellen Group has been building on their offer as a logistics and residential service provider.

What started as construction group Van Wellen grew into Van Wellen Storage, specialised in logistics services in and around the port of Antwerp.

Van Wellen Storage further specialised in logistics real estate and entered into various partnerships with specialised port companies to grow into the Van Wellen Group, Storage and Project Management, whereby the logistics activity itself is currently provided by the tenants of the warehouses.

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With approximately 940.000 m² of storage space and almost 53.000 m² of offices in and around the port of Antwerp, along the Albert Canal and in the south of the Netherlands, Van Wellen Group is the specialist in logistics real estate, for conventional goods as well as for environmentally critical and ADR goods that can be stored according to strict fire and environmental standards.

Moreover, the Van Wellen Group, together with their clientele, develops unique tailor-made concepts for joint exploitation.

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Residential housing projects

The Van Wellen family has been a pioneer in the development of residential projects at exceptional locations for many years.

With the Guldenberg project on the Scheldt quays, they were one of the first developers to believe in the beauty of living by the water and with the Duinenwater project in Knokke, “a way of living” was created that is groundbreaking.

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Sustainability policy

Van Wellen Group is not only a supporter of the (pro) active sustainability policy in words, but is consistently realizing this vision at all its locations.

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Leading real estate projects

Our vision on logistics and residential real estate

Three generations of experience guarantee leading real estate projects. A personal service combined with vision and skilled expertise ensure a unique mix of projects, developed from A-Z by our own team.

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