Our approach

Driven by the third generation, Van Wellen Group has grown into an experienced, creative and dynamic team that tries to develop, redevelop or transform special locations into exceptional living communities and into a way of living.

Invest, develop and manage

A conscious interpretation of the limited space is becoming increasingly important. In a rapidly changing world, a suitable community to live in is becoming more and more important. The housing situation is more and more the place for personal development, interesting and relevant encounters and a meaningful and healthy life.

These observations require sustainable spaces where we meet, work, stay and move in a pleasant way. Buildings get their own identity at the Van Wellen Group, which makes users proud of their property.

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Residential housing projects

Have you ever renovated a 16th century building and transformed it into a 21st century community? Or transformed an old site of a frozen producer into a wonderful green neighborhood? We have!

The Van Wellen Group tries to innovate by giving complex project areas a new destination with their own character and, above all, by creating 'future proof' homes and apartments that will continue to form a pleasant living environment for future generations.

De Dams


The future is green or it is not… for Van Wellen Group they are not empty words but a clear statement that has permeated all our decisions. Whether it concerns insulated warehouses and exclusive use of green energy or residential projects that are being built "BEN", each choice is always checked against the sustainability objectives of the group.

And our commitment goes beyond efforts for ourselves. We also facilitate our customers to actively participate in an advanced ecological strategy. We actively support them in re-lightning programs, insulation projects or discounts on the energy bill when we can generate them ourselves in a sustainable way.



Ready to move in

Only unpack moving boxes and enjoy!


Attractive price

More house for your money on good terms


Open construction

Optimal privacy; an important fact.


Close to everything

A smartly chosen location means saving time.


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