Office locations

The offices of Van Wellen Group together cover some 50.000 m² and are located in and around the port of Antwerp, Grobbendonk and Oosterhout (The Netherlands).


Port of Antwerp

Antwerp is a world port centrally located in Europe, multimodally accessible and maritime. This ensures that foreland and hinterland connect seamlessly. In order to continue to realise smooth connections, the port is involved in numerous projects in the field of sustainable passenger transport, infrastructure and modal shift in favour of freight transport by barge and rail.

Together with AG VESPA, the city of Antwerp and the Port of Antwerp, Van Wellen Group is collaborating on the redevelopment of 'Mexico-island' into an innovative city port.

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Grobbendonk is part of the Albert Canal Economic Network. This is a spatially coherent network of Flemish municipalities that lie near the Albert Canal. The aim of the network is to coordinate the economic strength of the area and to absorb economic growth in a structured way. Efforts along the entire length of the Albert Canal are coordinated at regional level.

Antwerp Express Port is located on a plot of approximately 166.000 m² in Grobbendonk between the Albert Canal and the E313. Ideally located as this location has access to an inland shipping service connecting all major container terminals.

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The Netherlands

The Van Wellen Group has crossed the border for the first time in 2018; Oosterhout is located north of Breda and northwest of Tilburg.

Our Oosterhout Logistic Center site on the Everdenberg industrial estate is located at a visible location from the A27, at the driveway towards Utrecht.

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