First phase of renovation completed

After an intensive period of renovation, the most well-known office building along the E34 has entered its delivery phase of the first renovation phase. The iconic 40-year-old Pioneer building was literally in need of a fresh new look.

Architectural office Wilma Wastiau

Under the motto 'the eye wants something too' we engaged architectural firm Wilma Wastiau to restore this office building to its former glory. The clean black and white approach gives the building the desired tranquility, the colourful furniture brings the necessary playfulness to the various common areas.

The renovated offices have been completely opened up and what strikes one immediately is the large volume of daylight that enters. The communal dining area contains all the facilities needed to break up the working day, this combined with the greenery of the inner garden ensures that everyone can return to their workplace relaxed.

The green story of Van Wellen Group

After an initial investment in 2020 in the construction of a 1 MWp solar panel park, this is a new chapter in the green story that Van Wellen Group is bringing out ever more prominently. The renovation of the outdated HVAC installation is less visible, but just as important.

The new beating heart has a positive impact on the ecological footprint of the office building and its warehouses. For example, the use of coolants in the installations is limited and, let's face it, the installation is powered by its own produced electricity from the solar panels, especially in summer.

Furthermore, the distances of cooling and heating pipes have been reduced, which minimises losses between source and end user. The further conversion to LED lighting in combination with sensors is a standard innovation in the meantime, but is still worth mentioning. 

In addition to all this, a series of charging stations will soon be ready to support the further electrification of the fleet. But the green story certainly doesn't end there...

The future...

While waiting for the building permit, the preparations for the next phase are in full swing. The warehouse facades are being packed with a new front wall. We are also tackling the glass facade of the offices so that we try to keep external thermal influences to a minimum.

Aesthetics, ecology and vision are merging here and that will soon be visible to the outside world...